About Us

Our dear pets——

They dine and nap alone during the day,wagging their tails,waiting for us at the door when the evening comes; They accompany us devotedly by our side, and love us unconditionally all their lives.

Mobile phones are more and more inseparable in our lives. Pets are our close partners. The combination of the two will inevitably burst with wondrous sparks!

DORYCASE not only meets the needs of protecting mobile phones, but also brings satisfaction to a pet-loving heart.

Print your pets on your phone case and carry it with you. You always have your cute pet case to show how special your pet is. When you go out, you can carry a reminder of the love you hold for your pet.

DORYCASE is designed to record the pet love moments, We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do!

Love is by your side.